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StoreJockey Connects the Local Store Owners & Home Based Working People To The Local & Global Buyers on the Internet.

StoreJockey is Free Online Market place where Local Store Owners and Home Based Working Professionals can Open a Free Online Store and sell and resell their Hand-Crafted and Hand-Selected Items to the local & global internet buyers and our Fixed Repeating clients.
So if you have been Selling Re-Selling For a while and want to have a Free Online Store ? Or Have been thinking to start your Business but could not due to high investment, You can Open a Store For Free Online and Start Selling Today to our Thousands of Fixed Repeating Clients .
TechnicalJockey – https://www.technicaljockey.com/ was the First Initiative of Instrovate Technologies that aims in Improving Employ Ability and provides a Technical Platform for the Techno Professionals to work from home and showcase their Talent . Many of our Entrepreneurs from Technical Domain are Successfully working from home now and doing Great as Freelancer , Data Science Consultant , Data Visualisation Maven , Technical Content Writer , Digital Marketer ,Corporate Trainer , Freelance Consultant and others .
StoreJockey – https://www.storejockey.com/store is the Second initiative of Instrovate Technologies in order to expand its target of Improving Employ ability.
StoreJockey Primarily aims to provide a online platform to the  Local Store Owners and highly talented Home Based Working Professionals  who due to their Family commitment had to quit their 9 – 5 job , but still wants to pursue their passion and Earn while they work from their home thus empowering them to achieve the below :
    • Play a Bigger role in achieving their Dreams ,
    • Understand their creativity ,
    • Improve their self confidence,
    • Have the Right Food for Thought during their leisure Hour,
  • Earn From Their Acquired Learning & Skill Set  while taking care of their Family and Kids .
Many a Time the Lady Work Force faces the challenges of either choosing her Career or Family. Be it just after her Marriage or Pregnancy or Kids there is always a dilemma of choosing either of the path of Family Or Career and give 100% .
However , in the present day , Due to the Upbringing , from the very childhood , it has always been a Package i.e. Family & Career always went together . So Even further , It has to go in a Package i.e. There should be No Dilemma of Giving 100% to one and leave the other  .
We believes that you Do Not need to make a Choice of either of the Two and both of them can go together and rather the commitment in one area improves the performance in the other.
Many of our Entrepreneurs from Technical Domain are successfully working from home and doing Great as Freelancer , Content Writer , Digital Marketer ,Corporate Trainer , Freelance Consultant in our First Initiative – https://www.technicaljockey.com/. As Freelancer’s they get the opportunity to give as much time as their Family requires along with a Job in Hand to finish . A Job that they love , A job that gives them Financial Freedom , A Job that gives them Independence and the Power to take Decisions .
Through StoreJockey we aim to Empower the Non Technical Home Based Entrepreneurs .So if you are a creator , artist , manufacturer , hidden talent or even if you are great in Shopping with the right taste or if you are even Great in Window shopping , you can start working from the comfort of your home and start Displaying your products and start selling on StoreJockey.
Even if you think , You do not have any skill set , Just take some silent time out , Find out the one thing that you have always loved to do , no matter all your friends and family have always thought that its a waste of time and send it to us for display . There are Millions of Viewers on the Internet , and you have no Idea what may be worthless for you , can turn out to be your biggest Asset .
So just Get started and use this Free Platform For :
    • An alternate career opportunity ,
    • An alternate source of Income ,
    • A platform to showcase their Talent to the world ,
    • Pursuing Your passion
  • Get Honest Feedback from a Larger Community .
To Know More on Why & How to Sell visit – https://www.storejockey.com/become-a-vendor/
We firmly believe that not charging for your services is an act of Not Loving yourself so StoreJockey is not a Free Service But a Market Place where Sellers like you can sell their products at the right Price to the Right Buyers who understand the importance of the Product.
I think whether you are  a Techie and want to work as a Freelance Consultant , Corporate Trainer , Digital Marketer , Content Writer , Data Science Analyst etc. you can start using – https://www.technicaljockey.com/ Or a Non Techie and want to bring your creativity to the world you can start using – https://www.storejockey.com/  . In either case I definitely have something or the other For you. Just Drop an Email or Whatsapp at – +91-9953805788 to get Rolling .
So if you are a Store Owner or a Home Based Entrepreneur and have been thinking to expand your Target Customers , Please feel free to reach out to me at akriti.lal@instrovate.com . Alternatively You can message me on my LinkedIn Profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/akritipurbey/
Happy Entrepreneurship !!

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