Is India Ready To : Work Part Time , Earn Better !!

Few Years Back I was in Rishikesh – A Spiritual Destination for the world for a Summer Vacation Camp. Whenever i used to see Foreigners from around the world spending Months at Rishikesh , I used to wonder

  • How do they take care of their Financials.
  • How can they take a Break from their Job and Spend Months , just enjoying life .
  • Wouldn’t their Company ask for “Why Do you have a Break in your Career” ?
  • What reason do they give for a 1 Year Break in their career – Vacation , Spiritual Break and does the Company Accept it ?

The reason for all these questions were very clear. In India Few Years back , practically in all Interview this Question was definitely there – What is the number of Years of Career Break that you have . Many Big Companies also used to clearly mention that if there is more than 2 years of Career Break the Person is not eligible for the Job .

Things Have Changed Now . In India and Globally . More and More people are taking the Free lancers role and the Good News is India too is ready for Part Time Job . Especially for the Ladies , when they hit a point in their personal life when they have to chose either their profession or home , the Good news is now both of them can be handled.

One can easily take care of Home , Kids and also pursue a Full Fledged free lancing Career from Home . There are so many career options available now that can be pursued from the comfort of Home through the use of Internet . These are full fledged jobs and no more Bluff Jobs. Now if you have a skill set , you don’t need to definitely join a job to earn . You can offer those services from the comfort of your Home and earn well . The few things that you need to work from home are

  1. Service to Offer : First and Foremost you should have a Service to Offer. There is no Market if there is no Product and the Fact is we all have a Product / Service to offer. Many a time we just tend to overlook. The simplest way to identify what Product / Service we can offer is to review our life , our job , things that we have been doing . Something that you might have been doing and considering it as trivial , might be a Great Product for the world . Say for example you were working in a Company earlier as an HR Recruiter – You can start the same from home helping many starters to recruit from their firm , Say you are very Good in Cooking – You can start cooking from home , get registered with Food Delivery App and supply Foods at office , say you were working as IT Technical Consultant you can start working from home as Technical Online Trainer , Job Support , Freelance Consultant etc. Say you were a Front Desk Receptionist at Office , now you can do same from the comfort of your home by helping other Company / Start ups online to reach out to their Lead / Prospect etc. The idea is , its all there , You just need to introspect . If you want some advice on this you can reach out to me at
  2. Digital Visibility : We all search on Google for any services that we want . So once you have a Services / Product to Offer , you should be visible on Google  when some one searches for you on Google . Now a days these can be done for free and in a very effective manner. Whether you know about Digital marketing , SEO , SEM or not What you should know is – When someone searches on Google for services you have , They should be able to reach you sooner or later . If you can do this much , you are There . If you want to know more about “Digital Visiblity” reach out to me at
  3. Definition of Done ( DOD ) :  This is a terminology from the Agile Method but what it simply means is , You should clearly specify what would be your Deliverable and how would you identify that you have offered the services that you proposed. In Part time or Working from Home or Free Lance work this is the most critical area . You should clearly specify when your work is over and you should get your compensation. Never Over Commit . Customers have the right to ask for more , but you should be clearly stating what you can offer so that there is no Conflict and no Sour Feeling.
  4. Product and the Price Tag : The other Problem with Freelance or Work from Home Consultant is the confusion around the Product and also the Price they should charge . This is again very crucial . When you are working from home , you have a Service , You have a Digital Visibility , Customer’s reach out to you for your Product , You should be very clear on the DOD and the Product you would be offering . If you Don’t have a Price you tend to become a Social Worker. Also there are still many people in the World outside who are searching to get their work done without making any payment. So However Blunt it may send , you need to tell the Price upfront for the Product and Services that you would offer. If you want to know more reach out to me at
  5. Collaboration – Do Not Try to Reinvent the Wheel :  One of the biggest reason for failure for people working in Job earlier and now trying to work as Part Time workers is they try to do everything . They fail to understand that in Companies you have the Platform already available but while working alone the expectation is you will be handling many other Department too . So if you try to become JACK of all Trades and Master of None – you will fail . The idea here is you should become Master of One and collaborate with all other Jack in the Market who are already there. The reason there are so many freelancers / work from home people out there you can together build a Great Team . So the Idea is if your Expertise is Technical Training – improve your skills there and collaborate with other people who already have the Digital Marketing , Recruitment , Consulting , Online Marketing etc. expertise