Download & Install Free Microsoft SQL Server & Install AdventureWorks Database & Data Warehouse

Install AdventureWorks Database & Data Warehouse


Here we want to do the exercise of Downloading Free Version of Microsoft SQL Server on your Local Machine . Thereafter we will install the Default Database like Adventure Works / Wide World Importers ( WWI ) database in the SQL Server and then we also install the Default Sql Server Management Studio to work on the Data in our Database and also run Query on our Data

How To Download & Install Microsoft SQL Server Free on your Local Machine

Go to the Microsoft SQL Server Download Link

Download the Free – Express edition

Once the exe is downloaded . Double click to start the installation and select Basic

Accept the default and start the installation

First all the packages get downloaded and once it is successfully done the installation starts.

The installation will continue and will take a while before you get the confirmation of Successful installation

Click on Connect Now

Install AdventureWorks Database & Data Warehouse

IN order to download AdventureWorks Databases & Data Warehouse

Go to Install from a Backup

Download the OLTP & OLAP database & Datawarehouse full backup. And keep it in the below location

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\Backup

If you are not able to see these folders many time these are hidden . Just copy and paste these in the browser

Go to Microsoft SQL Server Management studio and restore these backup

Select And Restore .

This completes the Installation of Microsoft SQL Server on your Local Machine and Installing AdventureWorks Database & Data Warehouse onto the Microsoft SQL Server. If you want to perform some analytics and Visualization on the top of AdventureWorks DW data you can visit the below blogs

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