Recently Quite a Few Dignitaries have repeatedly mentioned that the Engineering & Management Graduates just passing out of the Colleges are not Fully Industry Ready and it requires a lot of effort and money to get them ready . Instrovate Technologies aims to bridge this Gap by Training the Students on the Latest Tools & Techniques that is widely used in the Industry and is most relevant to the current times. This ensures that the Students are Industry Ready and can start providing Value from Day#1.  Unlike the Colleges , we keep updating our Training Modules and List as per the Industry Demands.
We don’t have a Fixed Syllabus . We upgrade our Syllabus and Courses as per the Skills required in the Market. During these time when Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is driving the world with Data as its Heart , Every students no matter which stream they are graduating ( Engineering , Management , Law , Commerce , BioTech , even Medical , Read All Streams ) everyone needs to be aware of Data and its Importance  and How to get Value out of Data and which latest Tools  & Techniques to be used .
It’s Simple , As we move forward for any stream ( irrespective of Engineering , Medical , Commerce , Arts , Science etc.) , On a High Level there will be 3 Things .
  1. One The Underlying Data based on which Decisions can be taken
  2. The Software / Tool’s  that specializes in leveraging the value of these Data in that particular stream .
  3. The People who will ask Question & seek and answer – Although i mention this as the 3rd point , This is the first and most important thing. the Question.
So as we move ahead , the Students need to be ready to Ask the Right question. Data is being Collected at an enormous speed in all domains , Software / Tools are being made in all fields based on the requirement , We just need to have the Right Questions and the Machine is ready to Answer.
We at Instrovate Technologies provide various modules of Academic Training at Educational Institute , Engineering Colleges & Management Colleges around Data Analytics , Data Visualization & Data Science using Tableau , PowerBi , QlikSense , Google Data Studio , Microstrategy , SAS , Python , R, Agile , Scrum , SAFe
Why Chose Instrovate For Academics Training ?
  1. We Know what is happening in the Industry and What is required. The Courses that we offer for the College Students are the same Course that Fortune 500 Companies are getting their participants trained on to increase their productivity.
  2. The Trainings are Offered at College Premises so that Maximum student’s get benefitted out of it . We Sow the Seed , Give the Right Questions to the students that will help them drive their career in their respective field.
  3. Have  Experience in Training Students batch of 100+ and share the right amount of information with the student so that they don’t get overwhelmed and generate the right amount of interest.
  4. In the Current World where Data is Dollar and Data Analytics plays such an important role we have designed Academic Training Programs specifically to get all students acquainted with Data Analytics , Data Importance and how to use these Self Service Analytical Tools.
  5. In these workshops the participants Learn to create Dashboard specific to their Industry like Financial Dashboard , HR Analytics Dashboard , Supply Chain Dashboard , Logistic Dashboard, Operations Dashboard etc.  and start finding valuable knowledge & actionable insights out of their Data .
  6. These are Complete Workshop Based Training with Data Connectivity from Different Data Sources like  CSV , Excel , SQL Server Database , Hive etc.
  7. For Advance Level Training We also provide Big Data Platform like : Hortonworks Hadoop Cluster with Hive on Virtual Machines for participants to perform Big Data Analytics .
  8. Best Data Analytics and Data Visualization practice with tools like Tableau , Microsoft Power BI
  9. Live & interactive training session
  10. Experienced trainers with strong knowledge of tools
  11. Data Analytics training at all level ; Basic ,Intermediate or Advanced
  12. Training Visualization Dashboard specific to industry .
  13. Corporate Training Delivered with feedback greater than 4.5 / 5 start ups to Fortune 500 Companies s like IBM , American Express , Cvent , E&Y , Vodafone , Bajaj , BeatRoute , EXL , Mobili , CPM , Orange , Incedo , BAIN , JLL , Fidelity , Optum , AON etc.
 If you have been wondering for a while how you can get your Students trained on the Latest Tools & Technologies that is most relevant in the Market so that they are Industry ready , This is the time to train them. Get Your Students Trained to leverage the value of data. Go for our Academics Training on Data Analytics With Tableau,  PowerBi , QlikSense , Google Data Studio , Microstrategy , SAS , Python , R etc and Notice the productivity difference of your Students.
If interested Please do let us know and we will be happy to take these further. Please feel free to send us an email at call us at +91 74289 52788 or Click to Whatsapp
if you would like to have a quick discussion how these Academic Trainings can help your students to get Future ready or would like to know what can be the next Big Move for them , feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to have a Discussion around the same. 
The bottom line is In the era of Machine learning , Deep Learning , Artificial Intelligence  If we keep Learning from the Old Computer Syllabus will it serve the purpose ? I am not against our Old Computer Syllabus , it’s great for building concepts , but the point is  , even the latest tools & techniques  should also be in the syllabus – Functional Programming languages like Python or Advance Analytics language like “R” or say Even “Microsoft Excel” – which is there from last 20 years  – and be it any field  ( Sales , Marketing , IT etc. ) people confirmed that they are still using 70% Excel in their day to day live ,but as far as i Know , College Syllabus generally does not covers Excel . The Gap between what is taught in colleges and what is used in Market should be minimized  , only then we will be able to produce students that are Industry Ready from the Day#1.
If you would like to Train your students on the latest tools / techniques Please feel free to send us an email at or Click to Whatsapp  or If you have a Training Requirement call us at +91 74289 52788