Start Time

8:00 am

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

End Time

8:00 am

Friday, December 18, 2020


Birmingham, UK


Event Description

Be in Any Field you need to Know Excel and we all learn Basic Excel by trying our hands and during the nights when we are struggling to complete a Project Deadline .

This course is to take your from your Basic Excel level to Advance Level so that you don’t have to do  hit and trial and you can achieve the same that you have been doing in at least 30% less time . This is the Time to enhance your Excel Skills and focus on the Data & Decision when it really matters rather than struggling on the Excel Tips & Techniques.

  • Learn Basic to Advance Microsoft Excel Training in a Live Instructor Based Online Class 
  • Duration – 18 Hrs


  • Training Prerequisite – No PreRequisite


  • Overview 
  1. Basic Understanding of Excel
  2. Basic Understanding of Data Analysis

Learning Objectives

  • Warm Up
  1. Revise of the Excel Basic Functions
  2. Get up to speed on Terminologies
  3. Autofill
  4. Round Functions
  5. Understanding the Tabs and Ribbons
  6. 30 % Time Saving Tricks


Beginning Advance Excel


  1. Logical Statements
    1. Designing If Else
    2. Nested If
    3. Logical Versions of If
  2. Working with Dates
    1. Autofilling
    2. Creating Date Series
    3. Extracting Date Parts
    4. Understanding Date Functions in Details
  3. Data Cleaning : Text Cleaning
    1. Cleaning Text
    2. Extracting Text
    3. Text Functions : Left(), Right() and Others
    4. Removing Extra Spaces
    5. Making Text Tidy
  4. Data Cleaning : Text Manipulations
    1. Finding and Replacing Wildcard Text
    2. Goto Tricks
    3. Text Cleaning Shortcuts
    4. How to convert one Text format to other
    5. Text to columns Tricks
  5. Analysis of Data
    1. Sum Functions
    2. Subtotal Functions
    3. Multiple Conditional Sum, Count
  6. Pivoting Data : Basics of Pivoting
    1. Learn the Easy way Pivot : Multivariable Analysis
    2. Understanding the Computations in Pivot
    3. Sum vs Percentage in Pivot
    4. Understanding Pivot Functions
  7. Working with Multiple Files
    1. Understand how to merge Files
    2. Lookup Function : Vlookup Hlookup
      1. Problems in Lookup
    3. Understand One way Index Match
  8. Reporting Functions
    1. Autosum
    2. Conditional Formatting
    3. Graphs in the cells
  9. Reporting Techniques to Stand Out
    1. Trendline
    2. Data Validation
    3. Cell-Range Naming
    4. Grouping
    5. Hyperlinking
    6. Freeze Unfreeze
    7. Hide what you don’t want to show

Securing Your Work

  1. Inbuilt Security Features
  2. How to lock sheets
  3. How to make sure no one edit your work
  4. Cell Locking


Being Excel Advanced Pro


  1. Data Lookups
    1. Index() and Match()
    2. Dubble Match()
  2. Making Reports Better
    1. Formula Based Conditional Formatting
    2. Making Formatting Easy
  3. What If Analysis
    1. Data Table
    2. Goal Seek
  4. Select Formulas & Techniques
    1. IfError()
    2. Search()
    3. Substitute()
    4. Error Debugging
  5. Pivot Charts
    1. Make 4 Charts in one Go
    2. Making Pivot INTERACTIVE
    3. How Date Can change Pivots
    4. Interactivity Customized
  6. Making Boring Task Automated
    1. Making Simple Task Automated
    2. Understanding Macros
    3. Using Micros with Simple Changes
    4. Record and Run Micros

Detailed Course Content

For any further clarification on the Course Content or a Customized Course for your Specific Training need please reach out at