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Tableau Integration with R

  • Learn how to Integrate Tableau with R so that you can do all your statistical calculations in R and get the result back in Tableau to finally create an interactive end user Dashboard.
    This is not a tutorial in R, but just intended to show you the integration of 2 very good tools to enhance Data Analysis.
    At some place During video by mistake i refer to Rstudio while i wanted to say only R .
  • To Download R below is the Link :
  • Download R Studio from the below Link:


Word Cloud In Tableau

  • Creating a visualization which is not there in Show Me options of Tableau is something that always excites me and Word Cloud is one such Viz. Word Cloud is a great visualization that can bring the focus on the best products/ Customers/ Sub Categories etc.



Forecast In Tableau

  • We can add a Forecast to our time series data analysis in Tableau. Tableau works on exponential smoothing model to give us a Forecast. The more amount of data we give to Tableau, the better forecast we will get.So, a Month date part is the best to go for if we want to add a good Forecast in Tableau. Also, remember to customize our forecast to get a well structured visualization in Tableau.


Discrete And Continuous Dates in Tableau

  • Revise your concept of Discrete And Continuous Dates in Tableau .


Introduction To PowerBi & Building Blocks Of PowerBi

  • Getting started with PowerBi . The basic Introduction to Microsoft PowerBi and its Building Blocks . A theoretical introduction before we Deep Dive in Creating Dashboard & Reports


Dual Axis Chart in PowerBi

  • How to create Dual Axis or a Combo Chart in Microsoft Power Bi


How To Solve Power BI to Excel Connectivity Issue / Connect PowerBi to Sample SuperStore xls

  • Here you will learn How to Connect Sample Super Store to Microsoft Power BI successfully and the Connectivity Issue that you face if you try to connect your Excel Version 97-2003 to Power BI . Below is the error that we receive
  • Details: “Excel Workbook: The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. The 64-bit version of the Access Database Engine 2010 Access Database Engine OLEDB provider may be required to read ‘Sample – Superstore.xls’.


PowerBI – Remove Duplicate records from first column of Power BI Text Table -Use Matrix Table Format

  • Power BI – Matrix Table – How to remove Duplicate records from first column of Power BI Text Table . Explained with a Use Case from Sample SuperStore Database
    There are times when I have to present the sales of the State and the City in a Metrix table and not on a map; because that is how my end user wants to see the data.
  • I have found it helpful to show them the State and the City without a drill down.
  • So, let’s see the different matrix drill down option that we get in Power BI

Tableau : Filter or Parameter in Tableau – Use Case 1 – Top N products per Sales

  • There are multiple times Tableau Users have asked me – how to decide when to use a Filter and When to use a Parameter? The answer is tough till the time you decide how you want the end user to look into your viz. This Use Case gives us any idea about both the approaches i.e Filter and Parameter for the same use case.


How To Create a Date Slicer in Microsoft Power BI

  • To add a Report Level Filter to Microsoft Power BI visualization , you need to use a Data Slicer . This facilitates the user with the Flexibility to Interact with the Report and see greater insights for different time frame. A Slicer also has the advantage that it can be synced with multiple other reports , thereby facilitating the end user to see multiple reports in the same time frame – a use case which is a very general but important requirement to find valuable knowledge & actionable insight from data. Visit – www.Instrovate.com to see more Learning Blogs


Adding Image to Power BI Report

  • Power BI gives us a great feature of adding Image on the reports we create. The Image object can be used to give a little more information about your data; like I have used Image of my Managers of different region here. This gives me the idea about which Manager heads which Region of my business.



Power BI : Understanding the Dates 
  • Depending on the nature of the business and the type of analysis you are doing for a particular time frame, Power BI gives you 3 different ways to drill down your dates:
    Drill down to only a particular Time on the visualization
    Drill down to the NEXT LEVEL for entire visualization
    Drill down to ONE LEVEL for the entire visualization


Tableau : How To Add Two Dimensions to Color Shelf in Tableau



Tableau : Difference in First Business Day and Second Business Day in Tableau 



Tableau : How to create Round Bottom Bar Chart in Tableau



Tableau : How to Create Joins in Tableau Prep & Tableau Prep Builder


Tableau : Total Number of Good & Bad Customers


Tableau : How To add Custom Dates as A Dimension and Use for Analysis

Tableau Public Introduction and How to Restrict from Downloading Workbook and Data From Tableau Public – Free Version of Tableau


What is Tableau – Self Service Analytics and its importance in Big Data World